Behavioral Health Integration

Pediatric TCPI worked to improve collaboration between primary care and behavioral health providers who serve youth and children. We supported providers to:

  • Improve referral pathways and information exchange between primary care and behavioral health.
  • Learn what statewide integrated behavioral health means for care delivery.
  • Gain tools and education to support children’s behavioral health needs within primary care settings.

Behavioral Health Resources


February 15 Webinar: Introduction to the Value Transformation Assessment – Ann Christian 
Defining a Strategy for Value-Based Contracting
VTA Presentation Slides
Value Transformation Assessment_Final_06282018
Value-Based Payment Planning Guide
VTA_core competencies crosswalk

March 15 Webinar: Pitching Value: Negotiating Better Rates by Telling a Compelling Story to Payors
FINAL Ratzliff_ 3_15_2019

April 19 Webinar: Value Based Payments / Value Based Care for Behavioral Health Organizations: An MCO Perspective
VPB for Behavioral Health Organizations

Regional Referral Resources – by ACH

Referral Loop Resources