Behavioral Health Integration

Pediatric TCPI takes a bi-directional approach to improving the mental health of children in Washington state.  We are working to improve collaboration and break down silos between primary care and behavioral health providers who serve youth and children. We support providers to:

  • Improve communication between primary and behavioral healthcare providers about shared patients/clients
  • Improve referral pathways and information exchange
  • Learn more about what the statewide move to integrated behavioral health means for providers
  • Provide primary care providers with additional training related to psychotropic medications

Each Accountable Community of Health (ACH) has a regional team consisting of a pediatric physician champion, a behavioral health champion, and a Department of Health Practice Facilitator working together to accomplish these aims.

For you as a pediatric behavioral health provider,  joining P-TCPI means a commitment to share and review models of referrals and information exchange, and a willingness to assess your agency’s readiness for integration with primary health care.

Behavioral Health Resources

Referral Loop Resources

Washington behavioral health providers enrolled in P-TCPI:

  • Frontier Behavioral Health
  • Children’s Home Society
  • Excelsior Youth Center
  • YFA Connections
  • Passages Family Support

  • Pediatric Psychology Associates
  • Behavioral Health Resources
  • Olympia Therapy PLLC
  • Liesl Bauer Judah, LICSW, PLLC
  • Cascade Mental Health Care

  • Life Works Counseling and Consulting
  • Kendra Simpson, M. Ed, LMHC, CMHS, PLLC
  • Piper Warwick, MS, LMHC
  • DeLuna Counseling and Art Therapy

  • Navos
  • Community Psychiatric Clinic
  • Hitztaler Counseling LLC
  • Children’s Therapy Center

  • Professional Consultation Services
  • Children’s Home Society of Washington
  • ANS Enterprises PLLC
  • Family Health Centers

  • Catholic Community Services
  • Compass Health
  • Island Behavioral Medicine
  • Robert S. Miller, LICSW, ACSW, PLLC
  • Lantz & Associates Counseling LLC
  • Charlene L. Ray, MSW, LICSW
  • Gloria A. Moore, LMHC

  • Kitsap Mental Health Services

  • Connie Harrington
  • Positive Mind Counseling
  • Renee vanDenBergh
  • Key Peninsula Counseling Center
  • Eric Cuestas-Thompson
  • Developing Resilience PLLC
  • Healing Places Counseling Center
  • HopeSparks Family Services
  • Comprehensive Life Resources
  • Ross Counseling PLLC
  • Lakewood Child and Family Counseling PLLC

  • JP Services
  • The Children’s Center
  • Klemz Counseling and Consulting
  • Magnolia Mental Health
  • McQueen Counseling
  • Farrell Counseling and Consulting
  • Seven Trees Counseling & Consulting
  • Heart, Mind & Soul Therapy, LLP
  • Focused Life Counseling
  • Tinamarie Fish, LMHC, MHP, CMHS
  • Discovery Counseling